Waterproofing, Inc.

Waterproofing Inc. is a locally owned company that has serviced the Minneapolis/ St. Paul surrounding construction markets as a select contractor for foundation waterproofing and drain tiling needs since 1970. With 42 years in business and over 15 million square feet waterproofed in the surrounding Twin Cities area, we have the solution and applications to meet your waterproofing needs.

We are a premier installer of Tremco Barrier Solutions® products. In Fact, Waterproofing Inc. was selected as the first contractor to install Tuff-n-Dri® foundation waterproofing in 1983. We feel this is a true testament of the confidence our suppliers have in our knowledge of the products we install, as well as the correct techniques to install them.

We also like to add, that we staff employee’s with a heavy knowledge in concrete foundation construction and poured wall backgrounds. Thus, allowing us to take a more proactive approach to ensuring that we are addressing any and all potential foundation problems prior to backfill.

Waterproofing Inc. has also been a long standing member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities and the National Association of Home Builders, showing our support for our local builders, remodelers, and contractors. We are your complete foundation and drain tile contractor, “protecting basements since 1970”.