About JB Hoffman Homes

About J. B. Hoffman Homes Inc.

Since 1998, J. B. Hoffman Homes Inc. has been building homes the old fashion way. One at a time and from scratch. Using the latest and greatest materials to ensure that your new home will be around a long time. We believe that the details make all the difference in your family’s path to a new home and understand that paths change, people change, products change and lifestyles change. Your Family’s needs are different then everyone else and that a thoughtful plan will lead to years of enjoyment and room for your family’s growth. We like to think that by using only time tested materials and high quality products that we earn more referrals and a reputation of building a great home for our buyers. Jeff is a hands on builder that does all his own supervising on the job. This way what gets said gets done and eliminates middle people confusion. We encourage all our buyers to check our referrals, come to the job site, ask questions and to have as much input as they feel necessary. We are not afraid of changes, we encourage them. It’s your home, it’s your dream. Let’s build it together.

We have been working with the same subcontractors and suppliers for a long time. They all understand that the details, service, workmanship and the price are important.

You get to be involved in the selection of materials that make up your new home with our help. If we wouldn’t put it in our home, why would we put it in your new home.

Our goal is to make the home building path as stress free as possible as informational as possible and as fun as possible. After all, once you build a J.B. Hoffman Home you are one of the family.

Jeff B. Hoffman President
J. B. Hoffman Homes Inc.
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